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web development company which focuses on the developing the high quality business websites with minimal clutter and high focus on call to action

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how much time do you take ?

at least 7 days and at most 10 days

what can I expect from you

less time and affordability are the key aspects but the quality is never ignored we have a big eye on design and we are gauranteed that you will love it

do we make site from scratch ?

yes each site starts on blank canvas and is made from scratch and we make sure each site is totally different and custom to your style

can I trust you ?

yes off course your site is on us and your trust and money

how is the payment plan ?

just pay the 10% 'non refundable' fee and we will tell you what is the other 90% fee is and when to pay it 

just pay the money and you will get the access immediately and you are ready to roll

how can I know the status of how the work is going ?

you are completely in the loop and we know how the progress is going we give you feedback link every week and so you know how much work is complete and you can give feedback for changes

does your fees depend on hours?

no we don't believe in it and the fees depend on the quality, time, and work we put in it it also depends on the quality  of design the features the modification and also how advanced the site is 

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our major services

A wix webdesign agency for small and medium sized businesses 

though we are best in making hotel and real estate websites we also provide web designing services for other audiences as well

and the advantages are offcourse super affordable and quality as you get in our major services get your quote before one of them goes major and prices spike up

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timely delivery

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