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meet your goals in 6 simple steps

dont worry its easy peasy and done in a jiffy

an easy process which will help your transition from offline to online easy and with breeze starting from filling the form to handover of the site

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step 1

please give your details and if you face any problem contact us in contact us section on homepage

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step 2

you will accept the evernote invitation so that we can talk 

or else we can also chat over instgram (ui_affluencerswebspace)

follow us on instagram and DM us :

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step 3

we will chat and discuss your goals and decide the costs mutually and decide all the properties and the details to be added

go to evernote log in and lets start the conversation

chat via instagram

Work Desk

step 4

we will then send you the quote and you will pay 10% of the total costs and the magic will begin we will start crafting your website you will be involved in a continuous feedback loop where you will know every single edit being done to your site every two days

chat via instagram

Finishing Touches

step 5

while approaching the wrap up we will ask you for some final edits and touch ups so that you will get the absolute best final product you will be proud of after the final touches we will just test it and make sure it works fine

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step 6

after confirming the completion you will get the payment link of the remaining 90% money you will pay after payment you will get your website with all the features and passwords

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we wont leave you after the work is done now that you have successfully got the website you want we are here for you always just contact in case of some edits and we will do it at least price just because you are a family

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in addition as our friend you will also be offered a free premium month from evernote so you can see how far your productivity goes

ready to set up

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

get the quote and get the headstart with an offer from us getting online is never hard with us