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real estate website

Smart Phone

now carry your keys in your phone

now share a link of website where you will showcase your handsome property

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get the leads you were looking for

your website will look for people you were searching for

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get all the information you need

get all the information as soon as the client reach the website with a detailed form

whats so different in us

get email as soon as the client shows interest

strong seo which can take you anywhere

look fabulous on any device

mutual decision of costs (both parties win☺)

so what is this service for

absolutely for anyone who is in the real estate space

sell your shop

  • set up online payment system

  • detailed pictorial data

  • preinstalled location to track the property

  • negotiate the price (optional)

  • get notified as soon as someone show interest

  • your data is totally secured

how will this go ??



fill the below form

let us understand you first

we will invite you on evernote

we will use this to chat and talk about how the website be made you can use it later too


deciding price

mutually we will decide the price to be paid higher the quality higher the price





contracts made

lets protect each other

production starts

after deciding the price we will start making the site and after every 2 days or a week depending on the period we will show you how it went and your desired changes are made

finishing and touches

some final touches are made before your final review and then we make sure your site is ready to go


we will handover your site and operation and the payment is made

most simple process you will have

before proceeding we would like to tell you that filling form,asking and contacting is easy but the price of making the site may vary greatly depending on the purpose of having a site

Fill the Form

  • The button you are going to click now will take you to the google form 

  • this is to collect information and email address 

  • we will process this form and then make the website according to the information you gave

now click the below and get the invitation from affluencers webspace to chat with you





get our evernote invitation so we can get started

so whats the actual catch ??

absolutely no catch you are good to go

book your site now at your own budget


book our services

webspaces play ground

specific pay program

affiliate program

refferal program 

affluencers webspace merchandise

webspaces website seller

pay as you want

work for us 

work with us 

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