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Updated: Jan 15

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you got a handsome website from affluencers webspace and now thinking what to do to develop the business further ? right? dont worry just follow the steps below and get the list completed and get an offer on making a site from us

When you order a website you don't want an ordinary website you want the best one and yes you get  the best quality website from affluencers webspace

but making a website is not the only thing to do in this world you need to do some work some systematic work which helps in making that website successful

after making the site your most important thing is to make sure that the site is well popular and people exactly know what your site is all about

the website may be about anything else it may be an e-commerce website or blog website or any forum or anything you might think

you need to understand that there are a lots of things to do than just promotion and marketing thus if you think that the website if your dreams is just completed after you get it done from someone random or affluencers webspace

banner advertisements across the center of city

then what you may be thinking is wrong So let's get started by what to do in the best steps after getting your website work done because this makes difference

in a nutshell:

  1. take some time to plan your advertisement strategy

  2. get some contacts of the influencers in your niche

  3. write a few blogs about you

  4. Content planning

  5. Backup is a life jacket

  6. Get a mind blowing bloggers team

1.take some time to plan your advertisement strategy

You got time and you have time get on your shoes and start planning for the advertisement strategies you are going to use to garner and attract lots of FOCUSED traffic who will really enjoy your website and its contents the best strategy can make and break you so you gotta be careful about this now speaking of this you can go to Google AdWords and see what you can do While planning your advertisement strategy understand this things: You gotta be changing it again and again Nothing is perfect understand this You are bound to fail The target audience may be right for you but reality may be different Lots of traffic doesn't mean lots of money You will have to study the consumer minds Social media is not the only thing to advertise

get some contacts of the influencers in your niche

influencer on a chair

Just like marketers the influencers to the business are like dealers to the deal

the people who use their influence to advertise the products or services is known as influencers

the main reason influencers are your go to advertiser's is that they know the thumb rule the mentality of people.they know how to get the heads turned and the cursor clicked or the (button pressed on mobile of course ).

the advertisers will advertise but the influencers will represent your work and brand Just make sure that 1.You are using the right medium advertising your beauty brand on tik tok is more profitable than on coding website

2.You are using the right influencer 3.Your target is getting hit 4.Money negotiation is done good 5.Your brand is more showcased 6.Your brand name is pronounced more this proves to increase brand recognition 7.Your budget and audience is well balanced

write a few blogs about you

a food blog on tablet

Give some information about your company or business on blogs on pages of your website and let you give yourself some shout out

let the enthusiasm in you come out and let all your features come out because the features are most important thing searched in Google the SEO counts your features too

the blogs you write get featured on search results because the public see the blogs as a source of information and inspiration or ideas you don't want to avoid the traffic you are getting from the blogs which is of course free one more reason you must write blog about yourself is this give you an edge over others What someone will search is-"the best cheese pizza joint in Chinatown in NYC" And not the-"pizza joint in NYC" And when in about section you write the best cheese pizza joint in NYC it shows up in results which results in clicks and this make the visit you and eventually may make a purchase order

Some tips about this advice-

  • Never ever avoid the heading tags

  • Put a lots of images with alt tags and credits to the photographer

  • More points less boredom

  • Higher the keywords higher the chance of coming on pages

  • Continuous updation is the key

Content planning

ten planning content

You can't shoot random pieces of content the time you get your site you have to plan it get the thing sorted and planned out get the damn writers team you will require the press page is also required (it's optional)

make category page make category list and also start jamming on which topics you are going to write

concentration is the key make the list of the topics of the posts you are going to write on.

The main reasons why you should do the needful is this gives you clarity and focus on what you are going to do in the course of time whether it's week or month scheduling makes everything better and clear Speaking of the social media the same goes here too just this time the issue is of posts and not of blogs

  • Make sure you make some self help blogs too

  • What you should do

  • Plan on which niche your website is

  • Plan out sub niches

  • Plan on what your ideal costumers are looking forward to

  • What questions they may face

  • Which problems they may face

  • How you will find them make the category lists on which you will make blogs

  • Now make list of topics each category will have fit them in your schedule

  • Now speaking of social media posts prepare them beforehand start promoting

  • Make them and schedule them in creators studio if you are posting them on Facebook and Instagram

  • For ease focus initially only on them

  • Get the pro version of the scheduling software's

Backup is a life jacket

facebook ads page

Backup is indeed a life jacket because what if something strikes up some stuff goes wrong and you will have to lose everything and the world goes upside down the time and effort behind goes in vain and you are here to thinking how to repay this cost this the backup software companies comes in handy let's make some investment and get yourself a backup service which will take care of storage of the data and content blog and database and help you keep everything secure also if anything goes fishy or wrong you can easily get out of trouble now you are all aware of this facts some companies we recommend you are

Get a mind blowing bloggers team

a blogger with white laptop

As mentioned in the 4th point you have to have to plan your content so that the hassle goes away but If you really want to be away from the hassle and get the things done in a shortest time possible you need to have a good bloggers team which will work for you

you don't have to be a businessman and writer at the same time you need to distribute the responsibility to be on the top of the game

because you got a lot of work to do it's better to spend small amount of paycheck on a better team than slaving all on your own and getting nothing except the worst


thus all you need to do is this

there are lots of things to be done to get more audience and better position the last part will contain rest of the technical parts dont worry this all steps are easy to follow and take time

until then just sign up and keep using our services also get discounts just request and you will be given coupon codes to clear up your way for the first time

and remember


we make websites at discounted price plus we are also going to offer you variety of services until then subscribe so that you are never out of updates


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