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these small changes will skyrocket your hotel sales- total guide (with small gift)

Updated: Jan 15

What problem are hotels facing.

The major problems faced due to covid is the hospitality industry and travel industry

The bigger hotels will be facing the most heat instead of the small ones because comparatively the smaller ones will have greater chance to changes they are flexible and they can adapt quickly to any major changes happening around. Due to covid the average footfall and check ins to the restaurants and hotels have been drastically reduced and the number of businesses are going to end tragically and this is a more threatening thing too. And if you think all the hotel owners are facing the things the same way then you need to observe it better. So let's just break the things up more  and see the more deeper side of you are handling the smaller restaurant you are really very affected by this pandemic and there is very less to no costumers coming however the cash crunch is the bigger problem you are facing. the advantage for you is you can change,shift or adapt to the situation better than any other bigger type of restaurants or hotel in your vicinity just check for yourself.

café reception with less people inside

Ok now some of the problems of your size are

  • you are small-ok sorry we know you have your own pros but you have your own cons too you have to burn out a lots of cash in which you may be lacking of

  • the other problems are that people already connect unhealthy food with small restaurant see because if you look around the world you will see that around the world of you see a sickness or illness caused to someone after eating the food are mainly concerned to small restaurants (because they are generally quick,easy and cheap). though the hygiene and rules are mostly followed in Europe and most of the American restaurants but worldwide this is not the case so if they are in the affected region then they are under a bigger threat.

  • Now they did not have the brand promise like the bigger brands have considering they are working with the brands like uber eats etc. Because that's what keeps the brand alive afloat when such problems start to pop up

Now let's talk about the bigger restaurants

They are facing the same problem the small restaurants are facing just in a bigger scope the problems like

  • the payment of such bigger staff,

  • managing the branches and

  • a lots of other small glitches like accounting

  • cashflows etc so there is a lot of issues in front of you. But don't worry getting out is a lot easier

How is costumer viewing it ?

The costumer were already very choosy about choosing a restaurant to eat to. why? because they are already bombarded by the media how they should eat the homemade food and not opt for the food made in restaurants and take the precaution. now let's keep you in the costumers pants. I mean not literally but to keep you in the zone of the costumers you are serving.

Ok let's go point by point.

Before covid

  • Eating out once or twice a week

  • However we can order through online apps like uber eats

  • Through this apps we can get food on discount and offers too

  • However we choose the food and other delicables if there is an awesome discount

  • However guaranteed the food is  awesome you say or you advertise we are just a little doubtful at the back of our mind and we are guaranteed only when we eat it

  • And if the food is not so tasty and we don't like it the whole brand is totally questioned upon and that's very bad

  • First impression bus the last impression

  • We will convert a snack into meal if an appropriate cost or offer is given

How big the industry is

  • The big industry of hospitality occupies a big chunk of economy and you must be proud of it. The hotels are one of the most important part of economy and the tourism industry. The illnesses or the different epidemics etc were not the most effective in getting them out of business. This is because this industry is strong enough and wide spread enough not to be uprooted due to any small obstacles.

  • According to indeed you can earn a lot of money working here. If you are working in a hotel or you are a hotel owner you are working in one of the 7 highest earning industry in recent times says.

  • And the closing of the restaurant and hotels resulted in the 50 percentage of decline in sales the results are devastating.

  • The food services and drinking places recieved the lowest dip ever here followed by the accommodation,colleges and schools and different institution, enterprises and companies.

  • According to the beaurue of labor statistics and authors calculations. The rebound potential is also less as the amount of burn these industries were caused is much larger.

  • however if we look at the scenario carefully small scale restaurants may rebound and grow again but at a very slow rate medium range may come out a bit faster and the larger restaurant the chances are either totally slim or if managed excellently (i.e the money and accounting matters)they are luckily have more chances to come out of dangers.

  • Now if we look even deeper into it the industry is more around the tourism sector  and transport sector and as the covid striked the both transport and tourism is either stopped totally or gone totally slow.

  • We request you to stop panicking and study this situation wholly and then take appropriate steps to keep your self away from all this and be running and be in profits. 

  • An awesome website of your own is always the best to know you better

  • When you advertise please be realistic

  • Any more you know tell us in the comments below

Overcoming the problem

The problem faced by you is due to

  1. Social distancing

  2. People not coming out

  3. Immobility

  4. Lack of cleanliness

  5. Fear of virus

  6. Lack of trust

  7. Disturbed environment

  8. Lack of money

  9. Ruined mental state

  10. Ruined plans of tourism

  11. Changing government policy

Social distancing:

maintenance of distance from each other whether the staff or the chef's you should take care that the contact between the staff is less to no. Just remember less to no

People not coming out:

come on accept this you just make sure you have delivery system set up in place and the cost and prices are perfect for the influx of profits


there are restrictions on movement and travel at the certain time just give offers that will make people order at the given permitted time gap

Lack of cleanliness:

Cleanliness is must publish some nice photos of clean kitchens of your hotels or some fresh fruits on your website or social media to lure them towards your brand's Fear of virus:

Fear of virus has led to devastating effects in our minds now just make sure that they have no dangers from virus if they use your service like McDonald's are doing in their campaigns

Lack of trust:

When you are so fearful about the viral infections happening around the world the trust factor becomes the most important break or make factor in brand maintenance you just have to make sure it's safe and unbroken

Disturbed environment:

Times are disturbed and it's now a time to bring some positivism get a website from us and start posting some positivity also don't forget the Instagram and Facebook.

Lack of money:

Lack of money is causing trouble to your costumer make it affordable and also take care of your margins.

Ruined mental state:

Post something soothing and calming which will melt your costumers heart and try to make a mellow and good impression on your costumer

Ruined plans of tourism:

More than 30% of people plan their tours and hotels 3 to 5 months before the actual trip or even more you need to keep this in mind and try to keep their booking intact by helping them postpone it.

Changing government policies: Keeping flexibility is the key and changing and being updated is the rule please keep this with you

Overcoming the problem in detail

The points above are just an introduction if you want this in detail then welcome

1.Social distancing

  • Keep yourself away from everyone remember that you are healthy

  • And everyone is required to be healthy as  healthy as you are

  • The social distancing problem can be solved by the delivery system

  • There are many companies who does the work of delivering the food or if you can you can just gather some local delivery boys to do the work

  • Or else you can just use the available service in your region

  • The biggest problem which occurs in this system is the delivery charges make sure that it is described in detail to the costumers when they order

  • Make sure you know the terms and conditions of the company and you know that the company offers the best service in its sector and the costumers know that

2.It builds the trust factor

  • You can also choose the curb pickup or location pickup where the costumer will choose the location to pickup and then they will arrive to the location and there you will hand over the parcel

  • It is by far one of the most safest technique

3.People not coming out

  • The people are not coming out of the home to eat and having a good time now it's your time to take this good time to their comfort of home

  • This is a problem solved by social media

  • This is the time most of the people will be on social media for the most of the time

  • This is the time you need to make use of the social media and educate people about the sector you are working in and the art you are expert in

  • Suppose you can make the best Thai food and you are one of the most popular small thai restaurant in 5 blocks in the vicinity

  • Now there is a huge block of this lock down on your business which is blocking the progress of the restaurant

  • You can make the recipies and take the beautiful and clear pictures and post it on instagram

  • Or make the dish record and put it on you tube

  • And tell people to come to your restaurant to eat once this is over or order it online through your own beautiful website or get it on the uber eats or other delivery website

  • Pinterest is the best platform to post such pics for inspiration

  • Or you can get a blogging site from us either it is community blogging site or an individual blogging site

There are numerous ways to do this just the only aim of yours is to go onto your screens and then to their minds


  • There are many cities countries and regions where you can just eat out at the certain duration and curfew for the rest

  • That is for a certain duration your costumers can go and eat or work outside and for the rest of the time they have to get confined to their  homes

  • This is the best time for you to do business and help it grow just let the flow continue and not break now this is a very fragile point

  • Ok you got a certain duration it starts from (point a) 9 am for example to 7 pm (point b) and then no one is permitted to do business and eat out

  • Ok now just make sure you get the most costumers in the first half

  • Change the menu highlight the commonly ordered menu which is medium priced or higher priced make sure the higher the cost more disinterested he will become

  • If you are snacks shop owner you need to make special steps

  • You have to make an attractive advertising campaigns where your prime focus will be the costumers health (very good if you have already done that)

Lack of Cleanliness

  • The lack of cleanliness is what making people stop coming to your restaurant or bar this again adds to the demotivation to come to your restaurant or hotel

  • The duty is that you have to make people reassure that you are maintaining cleanliness and the health hygiene are taken care of

  • If you already take care of the cleanliness of the food,kitchen,staff and other stuff

  • Please present a beautiful gallery of pics in your engaging beautiful website and if you need help regarding that we are here for you and always available

  • Your social media should also be pitch perfect

  • It should be decorated with videos and photos of beautiful dishes to water any mouth and also prove that you are striving toward the cleanliness and quality

Fear of virus

  • Fear of virus is gripping us hard make a positive impact on your costumers

  • Try to make and spread positivity through your posts and blog posts in your website

  • Don't worry affluencers webspace will give you all the tools you need

Disturbed environment

  • The environment is disturbed and you have tk generate positive vibes

  • Do small donations and charities and display them stylishly on your website

  • If you really have done that type of donations and charities do tell us and give your photos we will showcase them like trophies in a trophy case

  • Don't worry affluencers webspace will make your charitable and donations page for free with forms and other requirements

  • However make sure you don't tell lies public knows everything

Lack of money

  • The lack of money can't be a case with us fellas from now on

  • Now we will tell you step by step how its done

  • Think of a cause and work for will be even better if it is relatable to the field you are working in

  • Make steps and make sure it's innovative and inspirational

  • For example again we will take the example of a Thai restaurant suppose the area where your business is has a lot of thai people but there are many homeless people too just make a cause to offer them food fundraiser and investors will melt on this we gaurantee

  • Try to inspire people in your vicinity and ask people for money to fund you in your cause,use social media for this

  • Make up a fundraiser campaign with help of various websites they will help and invest in your idea

Get the help you need

  • If you want we will make a fundraiser page for you where people will come and donate the amount they want

  • Ruined mental state

  • Shape your blog into a place where fun-loving people hang out

  • Use social media to make and post memes this will make them laugh a little laugh gets the mood changed

  • This also ups your brand image

Flopped tourism plans

  • Yeah yeah we know that you and your costumers are pissed off and want to punch in the face of who made this virus but relax you have the solution

  • Just offer the discount on the future bookings done on your website

  • Or if the costumers who want to just cancel the booking and want the money back just prostpone their date at a smaller discounted amount and give the remaining amount or give them discount on their next room or table booking you can do any thing with flexibility

  • Our website will give all the flexibility you want all the modification included

Changing government policies

Flexibility is the key friends and don't worry be updated

Putting the virtual footmark

The process is totally simple and yeah we are sorry for a shameless plug here but we made our product so awesome that we are totally proud of it and we are confident that you will love it.

Now talking about the migration to a total online face. We want to ensure that you are elligible for it.

Now there is no specific elegibility for it

  • you must have your own PayPal account to transfer the money and funds

  • you must also accept online cash transfer

  • You must have computer and online access

  • You must have ability to make a large amount of food

  • You must have clean environment so that the costumer will be pleased on their decision on choosing their place

  • Now these rules are the most basic and not all are important but for the safe side if you abide by these all you can then be at the most favorable place. Believe us we just want you to be successful


  1. Get a website don't worry affluencers webspace handles the rest

  2. Set up the booking

  3. Give the menu or enter it yourself

  4. Then enter your offers and thus after a few formalities and then we will contact you with your website

  5. We will handover the website to you

  6. The website will be business ready and you are all ready to take business up and running

  7. When you sign up to affluencers webspace you are already in the database of the affluencers network where you can apply for the website maintenance membership where we will do monthly website maintenance along with other features to help you grow

How to grow

However affluencers webspace will help you at their best to grow your hotel business but there are still some of the steps needed to be taken to grow

Here is what we think the future looks like

You need online website of yours:

and if you have chains the individual sites within site will be awesome which means the main site of your chain restaurants will be the home and main site will contain individual sites of the different hotels included in the chain and that one hotel site will contain all the detail and they will be all same in nature

Start posting content:

the costumers need to know who you are and how well known you are about the industry and in the industry

get your membership work done:

Your revamped membership schemes in which you will include the kits and security etc and health benefits too

Less to no contacts:

In the hotel the contact between the staff and. The costumers must be as less as possible and this can be achieved by the contact less tiffins directly to the room of course look how equinox hotels is doing it and the response is phenomenal

Get connected to an online chain:

get exposure for free where a lots of people and costumers who actually needs your expertise and service

Take for example Oyo one of the largest ecosystem for the budget friendly hotels in the world has taken the average footfall and check in of many hotels from Nothing to a lot where they have Enhanced the quality. You can do this to your hotels too where you will be connected to a large amount of audience who actually need it there are many database type websites which acts as the ecosystem for the like and same type of businesses you just need to search because they may differ by country or the region you are living in

Bring consisitancy

Be consistent about the process and be consistent about the work you do and the product you offer and the way the staff sync and work the data you collect and all the major process and procedure because this increases the data about you in the mind of costumer because they see the same thing happening a lots of times and this helps in making the brand

Create a predictability

create a predictability where the costumer will make an assumption when he will plan on visiting you and he will get the exact same. This effect is very soothing and this make you very approachable and favorite in the minds of the visitor. Now gain let's take example of oyo again where they promise clean sheets ac and the morning complimentary break fast in all its hotels and the costumer will know that whenever they will book the room in oyo hotel they will get all these amenities no matter what. Same goes to you

An awesome website

Yes we know that we just talked about certifying your hotel with the other chains like oyo but at the end of the day costumer always get excited with the hotels own website where the hotel describes it's personality in their own style. Don't worry we are here just contact us and we will discuss in detail. How it's gonna be done and. How we can create your website and then help you grow

Make them easy to contact you

Make them easy to contact you and know you whether that is booking you or knowing anything about you make them your priority.

Take care of the safety

Take care of the safety and take care of the costumers health and it must be seen through the way you contact and also through the website. obviously through the food and also through all the points of contact. you have to see all the possible ways to prove and show and also say that you care about them. this will do two things the existing costumers will come again and the upcoming new costumers will get excited and come again

Get varied

Make some signature dishes and try to distinguish yourself from the crowd and decorate it on your website and Instagram.

Try to make your website unique by adding your hotel theme into the colors of the website theme for eg .if the interior of the hotel is in dark green and yellow you can get your website done in light yellow theme which is not only soothing to the eyes but also different and attractive.

The best thing about the hotel website is you can give the best culinary experience without the costumer visiting you. How ? Just let the costumers taste the best version of your hotel or restaurant.

What the future holds

The future of hotels and restaurants be it the hotel where people come eat and go or the big or small lodgings where they stay for a night or two or those motels was changing but the pace was slow.

The owner and a lots of owners off course knew the future and they were slowly preparing for it but this covid Striked and tables are totally turned they just throwned away.

  1. You have either very less options or no options at all. You have to get your online image right.

  2. Your virtual image is the brand image

  3. Now the ads will not be on the banners but on social media

  4. Less no of people will visit hotels now they need the delivery will be at home

  5. The costumer will not search for your hotel on the sign board he will see you on Google maps and therefore make sure you are on the Google maps totally discover able

  6. Your Instagram is the best place to show off

  7. Become a local Hero get your seo right


this may be the worst thing happen to the humanity and you as well but this will eventually go

But the times from now on will be whole lot of changed and you have to be ready for it

People will order the food and you have to be ready for it

You must have a badass website,but don't worry we will take care of it and make this process smooth as butter

So if you have any questions contact us in the contact section or follow us on @ui_affluencerswebspace on instagram and dm there we will be back to you in a jiffy

we make websites at discounted price plus we are also going to offer you variety of services until then subscribe so that you are never out of updates

this blog is made by affluencers webspace

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