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we know now you planned everything up and you have done everything and you are now totally excited you went to the booking section and got a discounted price you selected everything and you are all excited you got the siteand are clue less and if thats the problem do this to get the best result

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you seen our checklist on what to do before getting your site you liked it and you done all and everything it was easy-peasy now after getting the site work done from us and getting your site delivered what you should do so that you achieve your peak performance? yes there are some steps to be done so that you are all geared up for a powerful start

you may be thinking that .....NAHHH ? lets get started by content creation and ads right away but no its a big no no ....yes you should start but you have a lot of to be done so that you are on the right pathway to success

in a nutshell you must do the following things after you get or make your website

  1. start a facebook page

  2. start an instagram account

  3. save more money

  4. get showcased

  5. pinterest is your best friend

  6. tweeting is the new engagement

  7. a story to melt your visitors heart

  8. 3 to 5 pieces of high quality content

1.start a Facebook page

a Facebook page is the wall a free wall on which he or she can post anything about his business and website or offers if you are an eCommerce website you can sell directly on your connected Instagram account or Facebook page you ca advertise and shout out or give value or put an offer there is so much to do here it takes care of everything like catalog management or advertisement management

2.start an Instagram account

this is no special instruction this is the place where your business and website is seen through out this means that people on regular basis will come to your website everyday without even clicking the link. simply put you are always seen and shared visually people will like comment and the website will be visited solely on how exciting and important your content is however you can sell your merchandise on Instagram if you want to easily if you want to by simply connecting it to the Facebook page more money

cash saved the website work

this is not so special or this is necessity money will not flow from your site into your pocket easily you need time and persistence and most importantly you will have to spend money from your pocket yourself for marketing,advertising,and performance improvement though we will help you but the most important this is having some cash stashed by yourself before anything only for the business and website is always better for you and your business and website

4.get showcased

group of friends socialising

this is the thing we call as shout out get out break the ice start the conversation when you get out just spark a conversation with someone from your industry or to someone whom you think might need your service tell them about you and your website and also give them your link whether you are at a subway or taxi or a bus stop talk friendly and don't try to be a salesman just have friendly small talk and if you think they need your service just slip your brand in between this also works online whenever you see a video on you tube if you feel the viewers might like or need your service or website write down in the comments and paste your link write something good to and not just a link when you like the post about your niche suggest your brand in the comment sections and like the post make and join the community of like minded individuals and get your word here and there and try to accumulate as many sources as possible without being atypical salesman people hate that

5. Pinterest is your best friend

pinterest opened on monitor

using pinterest will help them pin your sites content and will help them come back to your site again this simply helps the visitors to re target back at your site again and again

6. Tweeting is the new engagement

a man with phone having his twitter account opened

twitter is a social micro blogging site where you can post small snippets and you will instantly garner high amount of audience in your web pages write a catchy line or phrase worth sharing and tell your readers to tweet share it with their friends this helps in spreading the word and if your tweet is really that engaging and interesting then you won half off the battle your viewers will see and retweet it and the cycle will go on

best for the first time head start

7. A story to melt you visitors heart

an artist with grey shirt

have a catchy story to melt your visitor heart a story must be such that the visitor will not only trust you but will make them emotionally mentally connect you with them believe us that is the best feeling enough for them to be connected with you forever whenever you feel so feel free to just update your about us or your story page your visitors love up gradation and newness

8. 3-5 pieces of high quality content

making a high quality content is important in making a new website grow further as soon as its launched

backed by the studies the 80% of the results come from 20% of the work this means that if you make a few high quality works and content and showcase them on your site they are enough to bring much traction you need the best thing you can do must be showcased right in front of the people you are targetting to service or market this works the best in portfolio


thus above are some of the things that we must do to get the best headstart however there are a lots of other things too we will tell you in our next blog as they are of different category until then sign up and get discounts on our services

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