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5 master steps to advertise without boring the audience

Updated: Jan 15

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you got the website delivered and you saw your website its clean and a beautifull and clean platform to show what you can do or what information can share you know it all but the prime reason to start a blog is to earn money too

after you get a website with Affluencers Webspace for you every start becomes difficult but this doesnt means its all hard comment us which blogs you would like to read based on that we will present blogs for you under webspaces academy category

we as a website design company also know how much visual ads affect your stats and we are here for you at help

your business website is the most important part of your over all business of which the blog serves as a gateway and if the gateway is too crowded believe us that is way too harmful don't crowd your page too much that it will be very hard to the reader to read and understand it and also don't make him scroll too much (due to ads) and the banners the most important aspect that a blogger must have is either to give details or promote his business and his expertise but if you keep on adding banners on every freaking sides it will not only look cluttered but it will look a lot worse

the consequence the owner of his business website will be

1.if he is a starter

he may encounter less visits and the most important factor the repeated or the returning visitors will drop which is the most important part of his growth in its initial stages those of the people who think his content is good will also not come just because its design is too boring or unattractive to watch


2.if he has visitors before

if he has a lots of visitors before he may not sense that drop easily but in the long run he may get hit hard in the balls thus the most important part of the strategy of how to earn money through the ads will fail the most concentration of the field lies there your blog is the gateway to the services of your website of business as read earlier due to any change in the algorithm of google there might raise a need to change the elements or components and the banners will be very hard to remove (in some cases)


so lets start how to make your blog look less ugly while showing ads

1.try to use affiliate links instead


having a blog then you may definitely have reached some affiliate programs the link they give you will be definitely better than those big and bulky ads which take up your valuable space but if you want to display the ads of the same brand reach them out and ask them for tracking links instead they will provide you happily those of you who want to really display ads links are the best alternative for you to get the shit right

2.put the links in the heading


to make the blog look good and a bit attractive put the link in the heading or the subheading of the blog to give that appreciated effect and at Affluencers Webspace we tried to do the same the best thing about the small business blogs are they can put the relevant links from their websites which will precisely give details about their business in short time instead of very big businesses which will take more time comparatively

3.look at website of other big companies

link of premium blog of google analytics in search results of google

look at the websites and blogs of other companies and try to imitate the style and the way they display the ads to their audience on regular basis they dont display ads just because they are generating more money but because they know they have to retain and keep audience for the better traction in their business

4.know how the costumer psychology works

girl browsing on her phone with green cover

think yourself as an audience take the steps and keep reading your favorite blogs what do you think when you see such encroached blog space what do you think you will do to avoid this do the same to on your blog

let your mind think on the solution and do what you find the best

5.look at your audience type

a person pitching his idea to the audience

if its

a. business owner

a business owner with a blue shirt and a white shirt t shirt inside with black pant and watch

no ads and less hidden give them all the information about all the features and the product they will see when they will see the ad or the link and make it short and sweet

b. random consumer

a girl with a pink pant reading blog on the laptop

you can keep it long and try to add some puns and try to make it more interesting to read add some jokes to remove the boredom dont forget the value and yeah follow the same idea of tellng your readers about the link they will be clicking on the below link


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