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leverage the pandemic situation to make money and grow business like a pro a definative guide

Updated: Jan 15


lets dive in and see how this covid 19 pandemic will help you earn bucks. Taking into the whole covid 19 situation while the working class has came to the halt we can take advantage of this whole corona virus thing and develop you and your business.whether opening a new business or boosting up an existing one.and using affluencers webspace for getting a really converting website for you and your business makes it a lot easier for you guys to take your gig and business to GLOBAL audience that really need it. however taking that next level leap is not that hard.

Going through quarantine is hard and while the whole world is battling in spite of the spread of the virus.we also need to  change the perspective and take it in a positive way though the businesses have came to a total halt you need to make sure you are still floating and you are still in a far from loss zone though the new and old businesses are falling so lets dive in and see how to use corona pandemic to make money

Things you need to understand

corona virus microscopic image

Now the whole thing you need to understand in this whole coronavirus situation is you are caged in your home and the only thing which you can use is your brain and laptop or phones you have.

the whole scenario is that you can't come out of your home (until and unless it's very important and urgent)the best thing to do is just stay connected

Things to be considered

corona alert

The things to be considered in this whole coronavirus situation is that you don't have to make physical contact as this covid 19 virus multiplies fast through the contact and close proximity it is an airborne disease now the model which will most likely to be used is to go totally remote

And we mean totally remote and avoiding the physical contact as much as possible so now the issue which comes is why we are telling you all this even though this is totally known to you-

  • to give you a total idea and help you to avoid the wrong application

  • you may do in this process

  • help you to achieve great results by the given procedures suitable

work from home,woman working on white colored laptop with phone

Achieving peak performance

How you can achieve the higher performance in work and earn more

The only formula is getting online get higher connectivity and speed internet and use it to your advantage

a to do list

Things you will need while working from her are

  1. Online conferencing tools

  2. Online platform on which your employees can work or the staff online module as we call it we prepare them

  3. The online investment centre

  4. Email and newsletter system

  5. Form system

  6. An attractive website

  7. Online delivery system

  8. Podcasting system

  9. You tube and igtv system

  10. Other social media system

podcasting equipment in studio

Things to understand

  • Look out for the problems people are facing in this thin situation look out for the innovative solutions

  • Coronavirus is not going to cure fast so you have to take great care

  • The problem may be short term or long term the point is you have to decide do you want to work out on problems people are facing right now or the problems people may face in the near future

  • Just make sure the people won't come out of the house in this pandemic situation

  • Also don't motivate them to come out of the house to access you at your services you know it is very risky

  • Make sure the way you are earning is legal

  • The business or the gig you are doing is legal

  • Have patience and save as much money as possible

  • Don't charge too high as people are short of money and they are searching for the most affordable option to purchase anything

home delivery service

Business to boost after the pandemic

Here is the list of the business that will be boosting after the pandemic

Whether you are a starter or the experience of its possible you can cash in the opportunity if you can

Here is the list

  1. Masks and medical supplies-

a man with a black coloured medical mask

these are the staples this is the viral situation and all you need are gloves and masks to help you prevent it and its naturally the most important thing to be needed

2. Cleaning service-

a service cleaner with a garbage bin

the roots of present situation lies in the uncleanliness and hands down cleanliness services are going to boom up because people are going to be more precautious about it in future

3. Drones-

a drone

why to get in public and increase your chances of infection while you can see it in remote well drones will do the trick

4. Grocery store liquor-

grocery store

that grocery store liquor you were avoiding now will gain attention because it is less contacted than the liquor in actual liquor store

5. Drive in movie theatres-

man driving a car

the charm of the old lost drive n theatre gonnabe back soon why?? the reason is simple-privacy and luxury of our own clean space so get ready

6. Shopping delivery services-

home delivery and post delivery service

this is not actually going to be trend it is a trend actually from a little before amazon did it well dont worry if you want to really start an online grocery delivery system you can just contact affluencers webspace in contact us section and ask your querry we will contact you and start on working up your online shop soon

7. Board games and puzzle makers-

a dice board

come on kids what you will do when you will be at home?? you will play games,puzzle and board games here you go

8. Fitness equipment companies-

a lady using fitness equipment

ecosystem is changing and people are starting to make their own gym tailored to their own needs and many builders and developers are looking into these needs and they are partnering with the gym equipment companies for setting the gym in the comfort of their own home

9. Video conferencing and documents handling-

video conferencing service

skype and other online conferencing and video calling services will be use more as they will be locked in the home in this quarrantine situation and you will be needed to communicate with your loved ones and also people will prefer working from home more and this will be essential there too

10.Online gambling-

poker played by a player

gambling from home can be more fun than from a casino competing with global players will be a more thrilling experience and believe us and companies are going to consider this

11.Personal adult entertainment-

porn playing on the phone screen

no need to say this everyone like this

12.Toilet paper,soap sales,hand sanitizer

toilet papers

this are the basic needs and this are bound to be demanded no matter what

13.Remote doctors services-

doctor consulting a patient

doctors are the most important people working right now and to accomodate the nw patients the hospital spaces are needed to be free from the patients that can be treated remotely so the remote doctors are needed desperately


dish antenna

communication is the key and these services will never stop

15.Bookings for space travel for Mars-

an astronaut on mars

hey space enthusiasts out there with the hardwork of entreprenuers like jeff bezos and elon musk space travel is going to be very affordable and people are so excited that bookings have already begun

16.Streaming video and live video hosting sites-

igtv-the video streaming service

you know FOMO right?? live streaming is a trend and it will always remain to be

17.Medical ventilator industry-

surgery equipments in medical procedures

deadly deseases need ventilators and these deseases will never go away so is the demand of these medical ventilators

Problems faced

stocks graph in the stocks app

You are the part of public and you have experienced a lot of problems and you are faced with the same shit and problem people are facing right now

This problems lies far from cleanliness and hygiene

Let's see it in short how and what are the problems people are facing to help you solve it

Just make sure you have to think on how to cash in this opportunity

  • Global money value recession

  • Stock market crash

  • Stocks of global companies at very short and discounted low price

  • Workplaces are going to get a lot unpleasant

  • Real estate market crash

  • Many jobs are closing

  • Lack of the medical equipment

  • Lack of the sanitizer,masks and gloves

  • Lack of complex medical equipments

  • Lack of hospital and medical research laboratories

  • Lack of cleanliness

  • Tourism loss

  • And a lot more ........

watch the video below by alux to know the businesses that will boost due to crona virus situation (one of our sources)

and remember.....

hustle hard this quarrantine

this blog is by affluencers webspace

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15 businesses that are going to boost because of covid-19

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