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Updated: Jul 6, 2019


the major downside of the wordpress is they compeletely update the wordpress within months that is better but dispatching the more than one patches within a months can be risky they can cause hassle and total and compelete difference

The other major downside to updates is that there is always a risk they will break your site, especially if you used a customised theme. Add to that continually evolving nature of the admin area to add to the confusion.


Plugins are in essence a fantastic idea. Each plugin is an extension to WordPress written by a third-party developer. They each add functionality to WordPress that is not in the original system. Unfortunately as there are so many plugins, written by so many people, many have their own security vulnerabilities and issues.

Coupled with the updates plugins can also break. A plugin can be working perfectly, and then after a client updates their core system, the plugin can often break, and will remain broken until the plugin’s developer is able to update it.


As there is no official development team, and as the client has never paid anyone for the software, there is no phone number to call and no guaranteed way of getting a response. Therefore if a client’s website breaks, perhaps after an update, any errors can be hard to diagnose.

This can be difficult for a professional web developer, and can prove almost impossible for many web designers who only know how to install and use WordPress.

You may get confused between running a technological lab or a business

Wordpress people love code and researching and all the crazy things you can do with a website. The problem is that you run a business, not a technology experiment.

too expensive to manage

Once you get your website up in WordPress, get ready for a world of hurt. WordPress sites often break down every 3 months or so. They need to be constantly fixed and updated as online technology changes. Be prepared to hire multiple WordPress developers over the next two years to fix up your site until you get to the point where you're so burnt out, you hate the idea of having a website altogether

You won't be able to edit on your own without a ton of training

I'm a website designer & developer, and even I get frustrated and confused with WordPress. That's because it was not designed with Clients or Business people in mind. It was made for coders. The backend of WordPress is so confusing, so annoying and frustrating, that all my clients refuse to attempt to edit it on their own after their first few attempts

WordPress breaks down too frequently

WordPress is designed so loosely, that all the pieces, plugins and technology fall apart constantly. You'll need to hire a WordPress developer on a roughly 1-3 month basis just to make sure it's all still working properly. And this can often cost anywhere between $300 and $1000 per 3 months just to make sure all is working well

It's just bad for small business

For every reason mentioned above, and so much more, WordPress is bad for small business. It takes up your precious time, money and resources to make sure your site just does the bare minimum. So many of my clients come to me after 2 years of a WordPress site, desperate for a change, but unsure if something better is possible. Your website is the most important marketing tool for your business, so don't leave it in the hands of an unreliable and expensive CMS platform. Instead, you need a website which can stay online, without getting hacked, that looks beautiful, and is easy for you to manage and grow

You Need a Fully-Customized Solution

WordPress’s primary structure is pages, posts, and comments. While the platform does use Plugins (where you can download and “plug-in” third-party pieces of software to make your site look, act, and feel exactly the way you want) that allow the CMS to be turned into literally anything, you should still be operating within the realm of pages/posts/comments if you want to use WordPress.

you already have or add on a bunch of attachments (Plugins) that may mess with the wiring/airflow/other elements of the home


One of the biggest problems of WordPress is volunteers, there are a lot of them, and most of them don’t have the proper skills for certain areas of expertise such as translation. Anyone can be volunteer, you only need a WordPress account and you can start translating from English into different languages without any restrictions.

So if you need to build a website for a client who does not understand English, you rather do the translation and help the community out with your work, or you choose another method to make the website.

Server Resources

Because the core WordPress and third-party extensions includes a high number of PHP functions and SQL queries, websites built with this CSM will require greater server resources.


You’ll get addicted to plugins. There’s only like 50,000 of them out there. And you have to get them all!

You’ll get seriously annoyed if anyone writes “Word press” instead of “WordPress”

You’ll actually start sympathizing with online ads. “Hey, a blogger needs to make a living”


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