small business owner

A small business is one of the largest class of employment and when a lot of public is engaged here then there is an absolute need of your businesses online presence in which we are expert 

  • we will make or code your existing social media accounts in your website

  • and we will make booking sections depending on the business and also add to accept your online payments

  • high quality images for costumer acquisition

  • and if you want to pay only for the selected feature click here



if you are an artist or model or a comedian feel free to make a website from us we will make an attractive website for you 

we will take all your guesswork out and make sure everything put into place so that you can focus on your work and sessions hassle free

  • accept payments online

  • no invoices or bill tensions everything is managed

  • make the costumers and other clients book for tickets and sessions

  • share memories and your photoshoots or videos with your audiences and chat online with them via your mobile

  • grow your following and audience



if you have any other reason for making a website why are you waiting just come and get idea why you want to make the website

just headover to the button besides click and you will get to our special page where the lucky50 discount code is automatically applied where you will get a whooping 5o% off on making the website

  • give your paypal email

  • tell us features you want

  • tell us how you want your website to be

  • tell us the type of website you want 

  • if you think of selling the products or your merchandise tell us about it



if you are a student then the website is a must need a website gives you and your work an online identity we will make a functional website for you helping you to showcase yourself amd your studies and work with the world 

  • showcase your portfolio

  • make an online cv or resume of yourself

  • if you want to make an online income while you are just a student then we are ready to help you 

  • maybe we can give you a discount on websites 

  • sign up now and we will help you with making and maintaining your business while you are just a student



if you are a blogger and you want to open a blogging website of yourself then we are the best choice

  • make a blogging platform of yourself

  • write and schedule attractive blogging site for yourself

  • let another contributor join you in writing the blogs for you helping you increase the frequency and number of blogs 

  • when there is a blog there are ads we are where the high earning ads are we will give you part 1 of ads and affiliate packs for free helping you earn a large amount of money through your blog helping you the best monetising practise of your blog

or your personal use

make an attractive website for yourself whoever you are you can make one for yourself to showcase you work give us your own weird idea and we will make a masterpiece for you

an ecommerce store

make a functional ecommerce site to sell your own products or dropshipping niche products to your own costumers

  • dropship from around the world

  • sell different products from your own physical store all over the world

  • sell your own made products 

  • sell digital items


you are opening an agency awesome thats a daring and gruelling work lt us take the grueling work of making a website,establishing a social media presence making the platform where you can showcase yourself and everything in between related to website and online work 

  • make website

  • get a hiring page for hiring professionals

  • show your portfolio

physical store & showroom

have any physical store or a showroom and you wish to make a website we are here to make it for you

cafe or small bookstore

a small cafe can turn into a bustling business with a website made from us 

a small book store will be turned into a mega book universe when you will operate it from the website madeby us right from managing your employees to selling and delivering it to your costumers at their doorstep by accepting payments online or COD

remote business

remote business means a lots of work and a lots of travel fro time to time ramp up your remote business and make a team and then increase your business and then increase your status with the superb website made from us

also showcase your recent awards,rewards and work to impress your clients

also let them and other people do everything related to your business on the website itself


​have a hotel ?

  • show your lip smacking dishes and show the menu to your costumers beforehand 

  • let us make the website and your costumers will be able to book the tables and all other booking and other stuffs in one place

  • now with a website made from us your costumers will be able to book tickets and tables avail discounts through bookings and a lot more and

  • if you run a catering service let your costumers make and arrange meeting and book slots keep a tab on your cooks and chef and help your business grow

  • we promise your website is a  lot more like a work station an attractive showcase of your restaurant or hotel

  • also show off your achievements with the help of your own testimonials

event and invitations

you are holding an event or wedding or any other programmes you are confused and busy about the booking invitation RSVP and a lots other stuff but through our hand made website you can 

  • let costumer book tickets

  • advertise your event 

  • sell your products to your costumer

  • collect rsvp

  • show your pics

  • if its a wedding we will also show the romantic prewedding photoshoots